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A large part of Earthfire Opals’ business is working with customers to create their very own dream piece of opal art or jewellery, and they are always amazed at how easy and affordable a process it is!

First step to creating your very own one-of-a-kind piece is selecting an opal. We stock a large range of cut and uncut opals to choose from. We even have many of them categorised by what we think each opal will work best with, whether it be a ring, pendant, brooch or even just small highlight stones. Once the perfect opal is selected, we then discuss what kind of design we will be working towards.

Once the opal has been selected, and we have had a discussion about what kind of design we will be working with, we then produce a quote for the entire cost of the project, including opal, setting and delivery (if applicable). Then before we move onto the detailed design phase, we request a 20% deposit of the quoted price before we produce the final design and ultimately the final production.

Next, unless the design you require is very simple, or it will be using a cast/mold we already have in stock, we will use MATRIX 3dCAD design software to produce your design. This technique has the unique advantage of you being able to see a realistic image of what you are getting before we commence the final casting and setting.

Then after a short wait, you will receive your very own custom piece of jewellery that you can proudly say that you helped make!

If you would like anymore information on this process, or you would like see some of the opals we have available for setting, email Luke at info@earthfireopals.com.au